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Chola MS are Pioneers in the field of Electrical Safety in India, inception of the team in 1994. we have a team with more than 200 years of combined experience across different industrial sectors. We have Expertise in Verification of Electrical Systems in order to achieve safe, reliable and fit to work. Our expertise will enable you to achieve safety, statutory compliance with maximum output. With two decades of Experience and over 8000 consulting projects. We are able to offer best in class, customized services to organizations towards optimize their EHS performance, and to set new benchmarks in safety Performance. Our key strategy is to develop a safety ranking and scoring system with respect to electrical safety.

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Electrical hazards continue to threaten safety of people and property in the form of shocks, burns, injury, fire and explosion. With electricity having become an indispensable part of our life, electrical risks are to be managed effectively.

Verification of statutory compliance with respect to Central Electricity Authority/Indian Electricity Rules.
Physical inspection to identify electrical hazards (shock, fire, explosion, overloading) and to suggest electrical safety solutions

  • Review of plant lightning protection system (need, adequacy, installation and maintenance)

  • Review of static electricity hazards in the plant operations (if applicable)
  • Review of hazardous area classification and selection of flameproof electrical equipment in the plant, including maintenance aspects (if applicable)
  • Review of electrical preventive maintenance system (including tests, documentation, history cards, etc).
  • Review of electrical accidents and near misses in the plant to identify the root causes
  • Review of electrical systems & procedures (work permits, interlocks, lockout tags, etc).
  • Review of the importance given to electrical safety in the company safety policy, safety committee, continuous electrical risk identification, etc.
  • Assessing the integrity of insulation of cables by carrying out insulation resistance tests on a sample basis
  • Review of the earthing system (installation & maintenance aspects), including sample earth resistance tests
  • To identify areas of overloading by carrying out load current measurements and compared against cable current carrying capacity calculation

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We offer specialized services in conducting the PSM gap assessment to evaluate the status of existing OH&S management system and Process Safety Management system elements against OSHA PSM Standard 1910.119 and CCPS RBPS Elements.

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